Growing up in the North of England, the short summers and slate-grey winter skies inspired Nick Meek to create imagery exploring the possibilities of light and colour.

Nick loves simplicity within photography, his optimistic colour palette and spacious compositions giving the work an immediately identifiable look that have attracted commercial clients and galleries alike.
Editorial commissions include New York Times, New Yorker, Wired, Wallpaper, GQ, Esquire and has also been awarded the prestigious Carte Blanche in Le Monde.
Advertising campaigns including those for Mercedes, American Airlines, Carlsberg, British Airways, Absolute, BMW, Landrover, VW, Infiniti, IBM, Heineken, Smirnoff and Audi, have earned him awards from D&AD, Cannes Lions, Clios/Clios Health Care, The One Club, Communication Arts.
Nick’s personal photography projects have earned him awards both nationally and internationally.
His recently released monograph, Unreliable Memories is selected as one of the best photo books of 2022 by Photo Espãna.

Selected Exhibitions

2023 – Photofairs New York Momentum Fine Art

2022 – Unreliable Memories (Group Exhibition) Best Photography Books of  the Year  PHE Gallery, Madrid.

2021 – Unreliable Memories (Solo Exhibition) Shelley De Soto, Los Angeles

2020 – Summertime Momentum Fine Arts, Miami

2017 – Call of the Yeti (Solo Exhibition) A Chacun Son Everest, Chamonix 

2016 – Call of the Yeti (Solo Exhibition) Fusalp, Paris 

2013 Summer Magic (curated by Shelley De Soto), Aran Cravey Gallery, Los Angeles 

2012 Adam & Eve DDB (solo exhibition), London

2011 Young & Rubicam (solo exhibition), New York 

RSVPHRH (curated by Nick Meek and Clarke Edwards), CHI&Partners, London

2010 Sunshine, TBWA Chiat Day (solo exhibition), Los Angeles, California 

Bartle, Bogle, Hegarty (solo exhibition), London 

Selected Summers 2006/2009 (solo exhibition), Colette, Paris

Bogle, Hegarty (solo exhibition), London 

Selected Summers 2006/2009 (solo exhibition), Colette, Paris

Selected Press

2022 – Unreliable Memories selected as one of the best photography books of  the year by Photo España

2020 “A New Print Sale is Raising Funds for Domestic Abuse Charity Refuge” British Journal Of Photography May 5 

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2014 Garrett, Jenna, “8 Million Flower Petals Shower a Costa Rican Village in a Cascade of Color,” Featureshoot, April 10 

2014 “Nick Meek Photographs Costa Rica Covered in Flower Petals for Sony,” Design Boom, Mar 28 

2013 Morel, Severine, “Nick Meek: Illuminated Transparencies,” L’Oeil de la Photographie, March 26 

2012 Morel, Severine, “Nick Meek: Welcome to Yosemite,” L’Oeil de la Photographie, May 1 

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